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About Dahl School

Dahl school first opened in 1955 under the name of Hillsdale. The school was renamed in 2002 after a former student at Hillsdale, Captain Jason M. Dahl, who was the United Airlines pilot of Flight #93 on September 11, 2001. The staff works very hard to keep his legacy as a hero alive by emphasizing with students the need for positive character traits, such as honesty, respect and responsibility.

Our current community partners are Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, the San Jose Tech Museum, San Jose State University and Catholic Charities. Both students and teachers benefit from these connections through learning practices provided during field trips, after school classes, and teacher trainings. At Dahl we believe in holding students accountable for their learning by providing high expectations and a rigorous learning environment.

Teachers provide opportunities for students to participate in organized, structured “talk” using Cooperative Learning strategies, to research information using technology, and to demonstrate what they have learned using Project-based Learning. After school programs for enrichment include Robotics, Circuitry, Soccer and Basketball. For those students who need support with learning grade level standards intervention services are provided during and after school. You will find that Dahl School has a dedicated and enthusiastic staff who can make personal connections with their students.