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Happy Summer! First Day of School is August 19!
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"The Musical Watershed"

On Tuesday, December 11, students at Dahl were visited by the music duo ZunZun. They performed "The Musical Watershed" at 2 assemblies for the whole school.
During the assembly, students sang and danced along as they learned more about watersheds, and how to help protect our watershed.
"Did you know that no matter where you live, you are in a watershed? It’s true! Our foothills, homes, yards, driveways and streets and storm drains are all part of a watershed. All the rain and yard water drains directly into local creeks and the San Francisco Bay. This means that keeping pollutants and yard waste out of the storm drain helps keep our creeks, Bay and the ocean clean. Ask your kids what they learned at this assembly. They might remember “a fish flying” or “people playing garbage instruments” or “someone catching a plastic bag while fishing in a creek”. Ask them why those things happened in the show!" - ZunZun Parent Newsletter

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