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May 30th, School is closed for Memorial Day.  June 17th is the last day of school.  Remember to check Parent Square regularly for updates and news.
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Rock The Test

Dear Parents and Guardians,            
We have been working really hard this year and we will be taking our state standardized assessments during May. We will be taking the ELA (English Language Arts) and Math Computer Adaptive Tests and Performance Tasks. 
  Here are some suggestions of things you can do to help your child prepare:
Make sure your child get’s a good night’s sleep before the test. This will help them to be cheerful and to stay alert during the test. In order to help your child fall asleep sooner. I highly recommend NO BLUE LIGHT activities  past 7pm. (Ipads, Tablets, phones, gaming. Many studies have been done that shows the blue light stimulates the awake portion of the brain and it makes it difficult to fall asleep.  Try reading, drawing, or other relaxing activities. 
Please make sure your child eats breakfast, at school  (be  here at 7:55 am. or at home. Overly sugary things are not recommended. Protein, carbohydrates, fruits combinations work well.  This will help them to have energy and to stay focused during the test. 
Please encourage your student to do their best! Some students may be feeling a little anxious or nervous about the tests. Please reassure your students that they have been practicing and preparing for the entire school year, and that they are ready for this assessment. 
Students are not allowed to have any electronic devices (even in their backpacks) on testing days. Please do not send any electronic devices, including smart watches, phones, fitness trackers, tablets, etc. to school with your child on testing days. 
We are all very proud of all that our  students have accomplished this year. We have loved working with them and watching them learn and grow. We hope that with support from school and from home, your student will feel confident and encouraged to do their best.